Confessions Of A Cajun Traiteuse - More Than Herbs - Part IV

Photo by *L*u*z*a* @ flickr

Confessions of a Cajun Traiteuse - More Than Herbs - Part IV: "When I was a nine year old girl, I found myself sitting in the confessional booth of St. Lawrence Church, in Chacahoula, Louisiana without any sin I was readily willing to own up to. The priest on the other side kept clearing his throat in impatience. I felt the cold knot of dread in my stomach, accompanied by my sweaty palms, and feelings similar to the major anxiety of a prisoner about to be executed.

On the other side of the stifling hot creaky booth sat Father Charles prepared to listen to my penitents and mete out my penalties. I certainly wasn't going to tell him I was the girl who stole the cookies and blamed it on her little brother. I wasn't going to admit I'd sassed my mama. Nor, was I willing to concede that my prayers of late, were more along the lines of, 'Please send me a new dress for the first day of school,' when I knew we were supposed to pray for the sick and the poor." 3 videos.

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